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Bull Semen Beauty Secret – The Perfect Hair Strengthener

0 Bull Semen Beauty Secret   The Perfect Hair Strengthener

Want silky, lustrous, strong hair? Who doesn’t! Bull Semen may just be your answer. Yes! I said Bull Semen!

Recently I appeared on The Real, a new talkshow for women that deals with “real” issues.  I was asked to come on and talk about some of the craziest beauty secrets I had found on my travels and this one did just the trick! Bull Semen is high in protein which in turn makes for a great treatment to strengthen the hair shaft (no pun intended).

I found this secret when I was traveling to the UK on a regular basis. Hari’s, one of London’s top salons, run by the owner Hari Saleem started this rage with a few interesting and exotic treatments. Consider this the Rolls Royce of hair treatments for dry, rough, dull breaking hair. They use this as a keratin type treatment promising lush fab looking hair.

I personally like to take this up a notch with added moisture by mixing it with one mashed avocado and leaving it on the hair for a good 45 minutes. And England isn’t the only semen obsessed beauty country. Japan, Poland and Croatia swear by the skin invigorating benefits of semen.

It’s so There’s Something About Mary icon smile Bull Semen Beauty Secret   The Perfect Hair Strengthener

Let me know if you would try this and what your thoughts are!

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Amazing $12 Beauty Haul From Daiso Japan

Hi Beauties! As most of you know, I am ALWAYS on the hunt for anything beauty, global and fabulous!

I was recently out on one my Korean Spa jaunts, otherwise referred to as “KSpa” in Koreatown, with my girlfriend Corina. She HAD NEVER BEEN!? What? If you live anywhere near a Koreatown or Korean Spa, its an absolute must and my favorite thing ever! But that’s a another post for another day!

After our massages we stumbled upon Daiso Japan. First off, so super beyond freakin cute inside because all their merchandise is HAPPY.   And even better were the prices.  Everything was $1.00 to $1.50…seriously like the Japanese Dollar Tree!

So here’s where I get obnoxious. Omg…check out my haul! I found the most awesome beauty products ever! Can you hear me squealing?  I’m already super obsessed with everything Japanese and Korean Beauty because the have the most amazing products. I mean the BB Creme was created in Korea.  And the quality of the products that come out of Korea and Japan are so amazing!

So check out what $11 dollars in beauty buys you.  I have it as a $12 Haul because I just had to buy a cute pink frying pan that was apparently just cute…it burnt everything I cooked in it. So it shortly went into the trash! Boo! It was so cute.

0 Amazing $12 Beauty Haul From Daiso Japan

Daiso Japan has many locations. The one I went to is located at:

Address: 621 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90005
Phone:(213) 637-0336

And as always, I love hearing your comments.  Let me know what you think and if you have tried any of these! And I always appreciate a share since I’m just starting to build out my YouTube channel.



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