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The Sedona Inner Beauty Secret You Need To Know

Over the last few years I’ve been spending more and more time in Sedona. I never thought that Sedona would have such a calling but it has, and every time I go, I get the gift of getting more acquainted with my true self.

I love all the outer beauty secrets I have discovered in my years of traveling the world in search of beauty, but after having my share of trials and tribulations, I had a spiritual awakening and started to tap into that fact that there was more to beauty, that we needed to create rituals that could be done on a daily basis to restore peace and calm in our life. I have been on an amazing journey looking for what women can do to tap into their inner beauty and empower themselves to live their best life.

Here’s a beautiful inner beauty secret and “earthing” meditation I learned in Sedona, Arizona to help tackle stress and get you glowing again! We all get nailed with stressful situations in life. And as you may have experienced, it can really take a toll on your skin, hair, weight and then some!

0 The Sedona Inner Beauty Secret You Need To Know

This only takes 5 minutes… and has immense benefits. So what are you waiting for? Lets do this icon smile The Sedona Inner Beauty Secret You Need To Know

Have a beautiful day!!


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Power Beauty Living Launches With A Beauty & Networking Night

PowerUpLaunchOnePager 1024x767 Power Beauty Living Launches With A Beauty & Networking Night

Join us October 21st for POWER UP: COCKTAILS & CONVERSATION, an evening of Beauty and Networking Hosted by Shalini Vadhera, founder of Power Beauty Living and Author of Passport To Beauty, Michelle Patterson, CEO of CA Women’s Conference and Founder of Women’s Network, and Leigh Collier, Former SVP Programming CBS and EVP bBooth. Power Up events showcase the heart and soul behind the Power Beauty Living platform – strength, beauty and knowledge. From networking with female entrepreneurs, to tips on strengthening your inner warrior, to special Korean beauty exercises and makeovers and more, the evening is designed to give women insight on how to live a more balanced, beautiful and blissful life. By the end of the night, attendees will have everything they need to to feel like a warrior on the inside, while looking gorgeous on the outside. The evening will be in support of female-focused charity – Girl2B. Girl2B helps young, underprivileged girls in India reach their full potential by providing education tools, thereby freeing them from a cycle of poverty and empowering them as agents of change. See below for ticket information and we look forward to seeing you there! Tickets: $25.00 General Admission $50.00 VIP Admission Plus Gift Bag Part of Ticket Proceeds Go To Support The Girl2B Charity for underprivileged girls in Calcutta, India http://www.powerbeautylivingevents.com

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Bull Semen Beauty Secret – The Perfect Hair Strengthener

0 Bull Semen Beauty Secret   The Perfect Hair Strengthener

Want silky, lustrous, strong hair? Who doesn’t! Bull Semen may just be your answer. Yes! I said Bull Semen!

Recently I appeared on The Real, a new talkshow for women that deals with “real” issues.  I was asked to come on and talk about some of the craziest beauty secrets I had found on my travels and this one did just the trick! Bull Semen is high in protein which in turn makes for a great treatment to strengthen the hair shaft (no pun intended).

I found this secret when I was traveling to the UK on a regular basis. Hari’s, one of London’s top salons, run by the owner Hari Saleem started this rage with a few interesting and exotic treatments. Consider this the Rolls Royce of hair treatments for dry, rough, dull breaking hair. They use this as a keratin type treatment promising lush fab looking hair.

I personally like to take this up a notch with added moisture by mixing it with one mashed avocado and leaving it on the hair for a good 45 minutes. And England isn’t the only semen obsessed beauty country. Japan, Poland and Croatia swear by the skin invigorating benefits of semen.

It’s so There’s Something About Mary icon smile Bull Semen Beauty Secret   The Perfect Hair Strengthener

Let me know if you would try this and what your thoughts are!

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