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My Favorite Makeup Looks From The 2014 VMA’s and Emmy’s

Bold Lips, Glowing Skin and Sexy Eyes were rocking the Red Carpet this weekend at the VMA’s and the Emmy’s.  Everyone from Ariana Grande and her choice in rich lip colors to JLo opting for a sexy signature nude look, made a beauty statement as much as a fashion one.

Looking for some new makeup inspiration? Here are a few of my favorites!

1. Ariana Grande – Love her deep plum lips! And she balanced them perfectly with a smokey nude eye and cheek.  This look follows the “pick one feature and make it pop” rule.  LOVE!

2014 08 24 19.59.46 e1409093611621 282x300 My Favorite Makeup Looks From The 2014 VMAs and Emmys

Ariana Grande at the 2014 VMA’s









2. JLo and Rita Ora – Absolutely loved Rita’s signature red and JLo’s super sexy nude goddess look. Rita played up her eyes with lush lashes and dark framed brows.  JLo kept her whole look monochromatic, which I love to do.  You can get this look by using bronzer on your eyes and cheeks and framing the look with lashes and dark liner. Which look do you like best?

2014 08 24 20.24.04 300x300 My Favorite Makeup Looks From The 2014 VMAs and Emmys

Rita Ora and Jennifer Lopez at the 2014 VMA’s









3. Kelly Osbourne – This was a super nice departure from the bold and nude looks on the red carpet.  I loved that she chose to go with a more feminine and flirty look with her makeup to perfectly compliment her dress.  You can get this look by opting for soft pastel colored shadows.  Try creme shadows. They are easier to blend and give you more of a “wash” look that you can bump with mascara or lashes.  Pair this look with a berry blush and stain on the lips. So pretty!

2014 08 25 18.12.37 300x300 My Favorite Makeup Looks From The 2014 VMAs and Emmys

Kelly Osbourne at 2014 Emmys









4. Gwen Stefani – OMG! This is what FRESH makeup looks like. How flawless does she look? She kept it simple with sheer lips, flawless skin, a bump of highlighter on her cheekbones and then an emphasis on her eyes.  Notice that all her makeup is light reflecting which distracts from any imperfections (she has none!) and creates a more youthful glow….YES!

2014 08 25 19.21.50 e1409156789595 197x300 My Favorite Makeup Looks From The 2014 VMAs and Emmys

Gwen Stefani at the 2014 Emmy’s









5.  Katy Perry  - I personally think Katy has never looked better.  Her make up is the bomb! Loving how clean she kept her complexion with little to no blush and really let her eyes and lips make the statement.  Not a lot of eyeshadow but heavy heavy lashes and winged liner.  She also kept the look sexy and classic by opting for a matte red versus a glossy one. Picture Perfect!

2014 08 24 21.05.36 300x300 My Favorite Makeup Looks From The 2014 VMAs and Emmys

Katy Perry at the 2014 VMA’s

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Product Crush! The $300.00 Givenchy Limited Edition Lipstick

givenchyinside e1408751318931 Product Crush! The $300.00 Givenchy Limited Edition Lipstick

Limited Edition

This October, one of my absolute favorite brands, Givenchy, is collaborating with another one of my favorites – luxury retailer Barneys New York, on an ultra lux super gorge matte red lipstick.

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Crocodile Skin Encasement

But that’s not everything! Check out the gorgeous limited edition crocodile skin case. Can we say LOVE? I’ll be buying mine… Will you?


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10 Amazing Reasons Meditation Can Rock Your World

1 10 Amazing Reasons Meditation Can Rock Your World Studies find meditation provides lasting emotional control, cultivates compassion, reduces pain sensitivity, boosts multitasking and more… Through my own personal growth and search to find balance, a day doesn’t go by that I’m not told to meditate.  There are so many ways to mediate and even more benefits from taking the time to do it. My latest practice is a walking meditation where I repeat a mantra while walking through nature. Not only do I get to quiet my monkey mind, but I get to truly appreciate the flowers and trees and everything nature has to offer.  I absolutely love it and the affects it has on my overall well being have been instantaneous and amazing. And I mean amazing. I’m one of those girls that can’t turn off unless I mindfully tell myself to. I found this fantastic article on http://www.spring.org.uk detailing the benefits of meditation. Here are some more reason why you just need to meditate! Happy Meditating! xo Shalini

1. Lasting emotional control

Meditation may make us feel calmer while we’re doing it, but do these benefits spill over into everyday life?

2. Cultivate compassion Meditation has long been thought to help people be more virtuous and compassionate.

3. Change brain structures Meditation is such a powerful technique that, after only 8 weeks, the brain’s structure changes.

4. Reduce pain One of the benefits of changes to the brain’s structure is that regular meditators experience less pain.

5. Accelerate cognition How would you like your brain to work faster? Zeidan et al. (2010) found significant benefits for novice meditators from only 80 minutes of meditation over 4 days. Despite their very brief period of practice—and compared with a control group who listened to an audiobook of Tolkein’s The Hobbit—meditators improved on measures of working memory, executive functioning and visuo-spatial processing.

6. Meditate to create The right type of meditation can help solve some creative problems.

7. Sharpen concentration At its heart, meditation is all about learning to concentrate, to have greater control over the spotlight of attention. An increasing body of studies now underline the benefits of meditation for attention

For more info on the 7 reasons go to Source: http://www.spring.org.uk

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