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Beauty Recipe: The Italian Secret To Glowing, Flawless, PERFECT Skin


This Italian beauty recipe combines humble kitchen ingredients into a seriously potent face mask that soothes, nourishes, busts blemishes and leaves you glowing flawlessly. If you’re looking for the Italian beauty secret to perfectly flawless skin…look no further…The Beauty Gypsy by Anuba Charan shares her amazing secret below.

“I’ve spent most of these last weeks wandering around the inner reaches of France, Germany and Italy, with one conclusion: while French women are the epitome of understated chic and the Germans have a robust constitution, it is the Italian bellisima who wins the complexion stakes. Seriously, have you ever seen their skin? How it’s taut and tight, literally hugging the bones and glowing with an inner radiance that can’t be replicated with any amount of foundation or highlighter? How it’s flawless, despite their spending hours in the sun and eating a diet rich in carbs and sugar-laden tiramisu?

It’s enough to give mere mortals like me a complex. So… time to dig! And after interviewing a whole clutch of women from Milan to Matera (it’s the most exquisite Basilicatan village – look it up!), there are a few ingredients that crop up time and again. Humble kitchen ingredients that make for the most potent beauty treatments: olive oil, chickpeas (garbanzo beans), eggs and lemons. And quite a few Italian mammas (all with the skin of a 25-year-old on an 80-year-olds body) offered up this one recipe that combines these beauty ingredients into one seriously potent face mask that soothes, nourishes, busts blemishes and leaves you glowing flawlessly.

italian skincare Beauty Recipe: The Italian Secret To Glowing, Flawless, PERFECT SkinThe secret?

Chickpeas are a potent source of skin nourishing and rejuvenating proteins, olive oil is packed with anti-aging antioxidants and hydrating squalene, egg yolks are full of vitamins (including vitamin A or retinol, which boosts cellular turnover and keeps pores unclogged) to maintain skin elasticity, while lemon juice takes care of any blemishes and minor skin infections.

You will need

1/4 cups cooked chickpeas
1 tsp olive oil
1/4 tsp fresh lemon juice
1 egg yolk


1. Mash the chickpeas and mix them with all the ingredients; blend till you get a smooth paste.

2. Spread this face over your; let dry for 20 minutes.

3. Rinse off with warm water followed by a blast of cold water. Pat skin dry and apply your usual moisturiser.”


Always on the hunt for amazing global beauty remedies.  Love this Italian beauty secret

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Manic Makeup Intervention on The Doctors

TheDrsMakeupMania 224x300 Manic Makeup Intervention on The Doctors

Makeup Mania

Recently I visited The Doctors Show to give one of their guests a major makeup intervention. Meet Maria. She was taking over 4 hours (!) to do her makeup…which of course was creating major problems in her day to day life. So it was up to me to show her tips and techniques to looking fabulous in about 30 minutes.

She was a little skeptical but in the end she agreed that losing jobs and boyfriends were definite reasons to change her routine.

Here is the segment if you missed it.  For me, it was really about showing Maria how to condense her products and create a set of core products that made her look and feel great. You really only need 5 or 6 key products to enhance your beauty and from there you can play with trends and new colors.

TheDrsMakeupMania4 300x300 Manic Makeup Intervention on The Doctors

Makeup Mania – Shalini

For those of you who have been reaching out me to get the list of products I used on Maria… here you go!

1. Revitaleyes Eye Serum by Lumixyl – I recommended this eye serum to reduce how many products she was using around her eyes.  She was using an eye cream, serum, primer and eyeshadow base.  This product does all of the above and helps with dark circles and fine lines.

2. Cinema Secrets Foundation/Concealer Palette in #5 –  One of the issues Maria had was that she was using a number of foundations to work on getting a more flawless look. As a makeup artist, one product I have used for years on my celeb clients is the Cinema Secrets Foundation/Concealer Palette since it is a professional brand.  It is high in pigment and blends very easily for a full coverage finish. You can apply this in the areas you feel need extra coverage first and then apply your foundation over it.

3. Diorskin Airflash Foundation in #3 – This is one of my favorite foundations.  It instantly gives you a flawless airbrushed look but is lightweight at the same time.  Because it comes out as a spray, I recommend using a good foundation brush.  It takes the time out of blending while it buffs out the skin.  You will love this!

4. Nude Stix Contour Highlight Double Sided Pencil in light/medium –  Maria admitted to spending way too much time on contouring her nose with powders so I suggested she use an all in one pencil by Nude Stix.  Easy to blend and apply with precision.

5. The Too Faced Return Of Sexy Eye Palette - Maria had hundreds of eyeshadows.  To make it easy for her I recommended one of my favorite palettes that has three different looks. We took the work out of figuring out what shadows to wear with what and put everything in one easy kit with colors that compliment any skin tone.

Let me know if you have any questions on how to shorten your own beauty routine.



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Are You Ready To Rock 2015?

Hey ladies,

I’m so excited that you loved the last Power Beauty Living event.  I’ve had such great feedback from all of you and sincere interest in wanting to learn more tips and tricks on how to set your life up for success. That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about my next event.  I’m bringing you five of the most amazing experts that I know are going to profoundly inspire you. Here are the details below…

Power Beauty Living Power Up Series – Transformation Event

Rock Your World On February 21, 2015 in Los Angeles.

It’s Time To Release Your Negative Energy Blocks, Tune Into YOUR Natural Flow and Totally Manifest Your Goals and Dreams for An Amazing 2015 That You SO Deserve!

Power Beauty Living is excited to launch another Power Up event — which will showcase the heart and soul behind the PBL platform — strength, beauty, and knowledge.

Join Us For A Day Of:

  • Getting strategies, and proven techniques so you will feeling younger, healthier and more beautiful
  • Discovering tips and techniques of how to release your negative energy blocks that stop you from enjoying and being present in your life
  • Learn how to develop and use your intuition so you can awaken your inner guidance to focus and achieve your life purpose
  • Find out what’s in your way that’s blocking you from manifesting what you want in your life so you can remove it and have what you so desire
  • Show you how you CAN get it all done without it undoing you in the process!
  • Connect with like-minded women so you can expand your circle and have more inspiration and support in your life
  • Get Into Your Flow With A Special Yoga Lesson
  • Shop And Power Up Your Beauty with fun brands
  • Tons of take home tips to POWER UP your inner balance

You DEFINITELY Need to Attend This Event if You….

  • Are worn down and just need a break to reset and re-energize your life toward what you want
  • Totally get the value and benefit of spending time with other like-minded, and talented, to connect, share and celebrate your accomplishments
  • Have long-held dreams and desires that you just need some inspiration and techniques to help you get there
  • Are wondering what happened to all your dreams you used to have and where did the time go- maybe it’s time to dust them off and give them life
  • Know you should be happy because you have all the ‘things” that you want, but you just have a bit of emptiness and not totally fulfilled

Meet Our 5 Amazing & Inspiring Speakers:

Terri Cole - The Secrets To Success Simplified!

Lara Riggio – Discover And Clear What’s In Your Way Of Manifesting What You Want

Sabrina Heartsong – Tune Into Your Flow And Manifest Your Dreams

Rainbeau Mars – Transform Your Life! The 21 Day Superstar Cleanse

Diane Karlos – Learn To Listen To The Wisdom Of Your Own Body

 Are You Ready To Rock 2015?

This POWER UP Transformation Event will give you insight on how to live a more balance, beautiful and blissful life, and you will leave feeling empowered, rejuvenated, relaxed, relieved, feeling like a warrior on the inside and beautiful and balanced from the inside out.

Purchase your Tickets at:

$149 Tickets Online and At The Door

$129 Advance Tickets  (purchase by Feb 14, 2015)

$99 Bring A Friend

#powerup   #powerbeautytransformation

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