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Power Beauty Living TV – Interview with Leigh Collier

Hi Beauties!

Here is my latest interview for Power Beauty Living TV with none other than the gorgeous and talented Leigh Collier.  I met Leigh through my husband of all people! He had gone on a “meet and greet” to CBS Studios and had a “general” (Hollywood talk) with Leigh as she was the VP of Programming and Development at CBS.  The story goes they spent the hour talking about me and my interest in empowering beautiful women like you and she asked to set up a meeting with me. The rest is history.

What I love about Leigh is she has killed it in the corporate world working in Hollywood but has also transitioned into being an entrepreneur with her latest start up venture bBooth. She has a unique and interesting outlook on business and I could not be more excited to have her share her insights to powering up your business, beauty and life!


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The Roman Beauty Secret You Need To Know For Split End Free Hair

 I absolutely love Rome! It’s truly one of my favorite cities in the world! It’s like a walking museum of gorgeous architecture, amazing fashion and absolutely glorious food! 

But of course as many of you know, it’s just not a visit unless I scour some local beauty secrets. 

Here’s one I found that the women of Rome use to keep their hair shiny, lustrous and split end free! Yes! I know my hair definitely needs this with all the heat damage the ends get with my curling iron and hair dryer. 

Check out the below video to see how you can incorporate this amazing secret into your daily routine!
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Spoil Mom With These Gorgeous Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and I personally can’t wait to spoil my mom! But as most of us, I am always looking for new and interesting gift ideas that I can spoil her with. My mom literally has everything!

Here are five gorgeous pieces that I share on my video for Joyus that I know your mom will love.  My personal favorite? The earring jackets.  They’re so chic and just different enough to get my mom super excited!

YouTube Preview Image

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