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Chicago’s Chuan Spa – Where Old World Charm Meets Modern Day Glamour

photo 1 1 300x300 Chicagos Chuan Spa   Where Old World Charm Meets Modern Day Glamour

In The Relaxation Room Waiting

Every so often you stumble upon an unexpected hidden gem while traveling for business.  On a recent trip to Chicago I was invited to experience the Chuan Spa at the luxurious Langham Hotel.

I’m the first one to appreciate anything global when it comes to a spa experience given my globe-trotting obsession to write my book Passport To Beauty.  But I had no idea the beautiful and exotic journey I was about to embark right here in Chicago.

Based on Chinese Beauty Secrets and Wellness Rituals the Chuan Spa immediately transports you on a luxurious journey through modern day design mixed with old world rituals that address your beauty from the inside out.   spa02 300x204 Chicagos Chuan Spa   Where Old World Charm Meets Modern Day GlamourAlthough the Langham Hotels are a British Brand, one might wonder why their signature spa’s have a strong Chinese story. Dr. Lo, the Executive Chairman of the Langham Hospitality Group, started his career as a cardiologist and internal medicine doctor in Hong Kong.  It was through his strong desire to create a destination of wellness that makes these spas unique.

On my visit, I had a really nice chat with Spa Director, William Wesley Myers. Based on his own personal and professional experiences, he wanted to take Dr. Lo’s vision one step further in cultivating a very special and unique experience for their clients.

With a combination of curation and tradition, what set this property apart from most spa’s I’ve toured is this emphasis on wellness. Not just beauty and pampering.

Dr. Sharon Viernes is the spa’s Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Unique to the Chicago location, the spa prides itself on delivering the authentic principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) throughout all its services and products. Dr. Viernes’ East meets West-inspired spa treatments were designed to restore any imbalances and allow flow to create harmony in your well-being. She and William have worked to develop an extensive Traditional Chinese Medicine menu ranging from Gua Sha, Moxibustion to Acupuncture blending them with massage techniques at the most luxurious level.

Screen Shot 2014 10 18 at 4.44.13 PM 222x300 Chicagos Chuan Spa   Where Old World Charm Meets Modern Day Glamour

Harmony Massage

I chose to try their Chuan Harmony Massage which is designed to stimulate your meridian harmony, and utilize various relaxation massage techniques help to induce a deep sense of calm. Exactly what I needed.  The massage itself is a true mind, body and soul experience.

Starting with an elemental questionnaire, the room is then prepared for you and followed with  a spritz of an oil infused elixir over your body with the element your therapist recommends based on your questionnaire (mine was Earth). From there, the beginning of the massage starts with a long “Gong” chant with your therapist to open your energy channels.  Once the treatment starts, the full body oil massage mixed with strong acupressure helps to stimulate a sense of well-being and relaxation. After I finished the treatment, staying true to the elemental choice of Earth, I was given an Earth Tea to further relax me and then asked if I would like to continue my journey in the Dream Room.

spa07 300x204 Chicagos Chuan Spa   Where Old World Charm Meets Modern Day Glamour

Dream Room

The Dream Room is an absolute must if you visit the spa. Your senses are immediately stimulated as you rest on a custom designed dream chair.  The therapist programs in your 20 minute relaxation which is once again based on your element.  The chair vibrates to a certain rhythm based on your meridian points, while playing beautiful Chinese music, the chair reflects a deep red color for light therapy and also stimulates your senses with a ylang ylang aromatherapy.


chuan spa 300x171 Chicagos Chuan Spa   Where Old World Charm Meets Modern Day GlamourAfter you are done dreaming, you head to the heat journey.  But before you go there, you walk through the signature Moon Gates that are apparent throughout the spa.  The symbolism of the Gates are that as you enter one gate, you are leaving behind the energy that no longer serves you.  From a visual stand point you can mindfully purge the negative as you step through to the positive.

The Heat Journey consists of one steam room and two saunas.  As you travel from the first dry sauna, to the steam, you feel a further relaxation and detoxification happening with your mind body and soul.  I ended my journey in the 110 degree dry sauna filled with a specialized blend of herbs to help with breathing and overall well being.

If you are in Chicago and have a chance to visit the Langham Hotel, I highly recommend taking a journey through time and ritual at the Chuan Spa.  You will look and feel refreshed on a number of levels and leave more in tune with your inner self.  It’s truly a healing experience.

In addition to the great treatments, The Chuan Spa Chicago also offers immersion tours into Chicago’s historic Chinatown.

Chuan Spa – The Langham, Chicago

330 North Wabash Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611

T 1 (312) 923 7650

E tlchi.info@chuanspa.com

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The Sedona Inner Beauty Secret You Need To Know

Over the last few years I’ve been spending more and more time in Sedona. I never thought that Sedona would have such a calling but it has, and every time I go, I get the gift of getting more acquainted with my true self.

I love all the outer beauty secrets I have discovered in my years of traveling the world in search of beauty, but after having my share of trials and tribulations, I had a spiritual awakening and started to tap into that fact that there was more to beauty, that we needed to create rituals that could be done on a daily basis to restore peace and calm in our life. I have been on an amazing journey looking for what women can do to tap into their inner beauty and empower themselves to live their best life.

Here’s a beautiful inner beauty secret and “earthing” meditation I learned in Sedona, Arizona to help tackle stress and get you glowing again! We all get nailed with stressful situations in life. And as you may have experienced, it can really take a toll on your skin, hair, weight and then some!

0 The Sedona Inner Beauty Secret You Need To Know

This only takes 5 minutes… and has immense benefits. So what are you waiting for? Lets do this icon smile The Sedona Inner Beauty Secret You Need To Know

Have a beautiful day!!


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Power Beauty Living Launches With A Beauty & Networking Night

PowerUpLaunchOnePager 1024x767 Power Beauty Living Launches With A Beauty & Networking Night

Join us October 21st for POWER UP: COCKTAILS & CONVERSATION, an evening of Beauty and Networking Hosted by Shalini Vadhera, founder of Power Beauty Living and Author of Passport To Beauty, Michelle Patterson, CEO of CA Women’s Conference and Founder of Women’s Network, and Leigh Collier, Former SVP Programming CBS and EVP bBooth. Power Up events showcase the heart and soul behind the Power Beauty Living platform – strength, beauty and knowledge. From networking with female entrepreneurs, to tips on strengthening your inner warrior, to special Korean beauty exercises and makeovers and more, the evening is designed to give women insight on how to live a more balanced, beautiful and blissful life. By the end of the night, attendees will have everything they need to to feel like a warrior on the inside, while looking gorgeous on the outside. The evening will be in support of female-focused charity – Girl2B. Girl2B helps young, underprivileged girls in India reach their full potential by providing education tools, thereby freeing them from a cycle of poverty and empowering them as agents of change. See below for ticket information and we look forward to seeing you there! Tickets: $25.00 General Admission $50.00 VIP Admission Plus Gift Bag Part of Ticket Proceeds Go To Support The Girl2B Charity for underprivileged girls in Calcutta, India http://www.powerbeautylivingevents.com

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