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Alopecia Help De-Stress Your Scalp With Saffron

Hello beautiful women of the world,

De-Stress With Saffron

De-Stress With Saffron

Recently I was asked to share a secret for hair loss with the readers of More Magazine. Women from India are known for their beautiful, long, thick hair. Want their secret? In India, it is known that saffron helps repair, strengthen and encourage new hair growth. To turn the most expensive spice in the world into a hair treatment follow these steps:

  • 2 tablespoons Virgin Coconut Oil or Neem Oil (microwave in a bowl for a few seconds)
  • Add a pinch of Saffron, stir well and massage it into your scalp and hair, concentrating at the roots
  • Steep 20 – 30 minutes
  • Rinse with warm water and conditioner

BONUS: Saffron helps relax a tight scalp, which is thought to hamper circulation and may slow hair growth. In fact, the antioxidant-rich spice is considered one of the top treatments in India for alopecia, an autoimmune hair-loss disease.



Hair Thinning and Falling Out? Garlic Shampoo to the Rescue

article-new-thumbnail_ehow_images_a06_4u_bn_benefits-garlic-shampoo_-1-1.1-800x800One of things I’ve been most obsessed about the last 6 months is my hair.  Why?  Because it’s been falling out in what seems like bucketfuls ( I know that is a major exaggeration but it sure feels that way) and it’s the thinnest its ever been. I cry.  Yes, I seriously do!  In my constant quest to find new beauty secrets one of the most interesting and exciting ones I found is garlic for the hair.

Many of you know one of my favorite beauty secrets is garlic in your nail polish for harder than acrylic nails but did you know the women in the Dominican Republic also use garlic in their shampoo to stop hair fall and strengthen hair? I scream!!  Yes! I love this beauty secret and it’s definitely made a huge difference not only in the thickness of my hair but also in the shine!

What these gorgeous beauties do is take a few cloves of fresh garlic and drop it into a bottle of shampoo they keep in their shower.  They use a separate shampoo for this versus their daily shampoo because you only want to use this 1-3 times a week depending on your hair condition.

If you don’t want to DIY it at home, there are a slew of garlic hair products on the market (I’ll be reviewing a few of my favorites in an upcoming video).

Garlic Vatika ShampooOne that I love is the Dabur Vatika Garlic Hair Mask and I’m obsessed with their Vatika Garlic Hair Oil (I’m adding a link to Amazon as that’s where I was able to get it the cheapest) l. I have personally seen a significant difference in my hair since I started using it. My hair is much softer, fuller and shinier. For a long while it was so dry and brittle.  It’s like it stopped growing but it was just breaking at the tips.  The oil has been a huge help.


41CZtMk7UCLIn addition, you can find some great garlic shampoos on the market.  I like the following ones the best:

Queen Helene Unscented Garlic Shampoo

Alter Ego Unscented Garlic Shampoo

Nutrine Garlic Shampoo and ConditionerNutrine Garlic Shampoo (it’s unscented and has some great ingredients on top of the garlic to make your hair soft)

Garlic has a slew of benefits! It really helps nourish and condition dry hair, which is great if you chemically treat your hair or over style it.

Garlic is a natural anti-fungal and anti-microbial which makes it a great fighting agent against bacteria, germs and parasites.  Mainly anything that could be causing

your hair to fall out. Garlic also helps to stimulate circulation which helps boost hair follicles and can stimulate hair growth. This goes back why I’m often promoting scalp massages and the benefits of boosting circulation on the scalp.

In ayurvedic medicine, garlic is used to help decrease shedding of the hair and to strengthen hair.

Try it! I know you’ll love it



Alert! New Product Crush! Vichy Laboratoires

Recently I was invited to a Media Breakfast for Vichy Laboratoires at the W Hotel in Hollywood.  I had heard about their skincare products and definitely seen them on my travels throughout Europe (literally at every pharmacy I went to) but I hadn’t really tried them. Vichy Influencer BreakfastBeing that I’ve built an entire career on scouring the globe for amazing beauty secrets, I was thrilled to learn the history of the Vichy Brand.The brand was started by Dr. Haller in 1931 in Vichy, France.  The thermal spa water from the hot springs of the town of Vichy, France, is the only water source used in its formulations…which I totally love since it’s truly a French beauty secret. Apparently the thermal waters were so healing, they healed lesions. And Dr. Haller knew he had to use those waters in the skincare products. The Vichy philosophy is all about getting to your “ideal” skin vs “perfect” skin.  Sounds about right :).

Not only is Vichy the #1 selling skincare in pharmacies across Europe, but recently they partnered with Target to bring their lux products the to the US pharmacy world.  Target now carries all the core products of the brand and even has a skin care consultant on staff to help you with create your own Vichy beauty solution. I had a chance to go in and get my beauty regime updated with Vichy’s newest products.

I’m super obsessed with their new LiftActiv Serum 10 for Eyes and Lashes.  Not only is it infused with those healing thermal waters, feels amazing on the eye area, but it also doubles as an awesome lash conditioner. It’s super concentrated so you literally only need a drop.  I put a drop between my two index fingers and then gently massage the serum on and around my eyes and lastly on my lashes.

Vichy LiftActiv eyes and lashes


If you’re dry and starting to see the signs of aging I recommend the LiftActive Retinol Concentrate.  A lot of you are always asking me about getting started on Retin-A or a Vitamin A treatment for aging.  This is a much gentler and safer way to get the benefits of a retinol without the harsh effects that you can get with the prescription strength products.  Also, if you are a mid to dark skin tone you won’t have to worry about hyper pigmentation that can occur when using the stronger retinol products.


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