Crepey Skin And Weight Loss

I get a lot of questions when it comes to beauty and travel.  And this morning I received this question from D: “Is there anything that “really” works on a crepe neck? I’m 55 and lost 85 lbs and my neck is left with this. 😔”

Here are some tips on how to tighten loose saggy skin and look and feel amazing.


A Singapore Secret For Keeping Acne Away

  This egg white face mask really works well and the women of Singapore swear by it. It one of my ‘go to’ face masks if my skin is starting to breakout. It is really easy to make and actually goes on similar to the blackhead removal strips you may see at the drug store. 


Treat Yourself To A Stress Reducing Bath Tonight

The day after a Presidential Election can bring on a rollercoaster of emotions and stress.  Our suggestion to you?  Take some time this evening for yourself and relax.  The women of Spain use this zesty bath recipe to not only lift their mood but also to condition their skin.  And, let's admit it, we could all use a little of that!  You can whip this recipe together in a few seconds with ingredients right in your kitchen cabinet.  Here's what you'll need...

Sweet As A Peach!

Avocados, egg whites, honey... These are a few ingredients we're use to seeing when it comes to at-home skincare, but here's a new one for you... Peaches.  Yes, you read that right.  Let's mentally teleport to Georgia right now and imagine ourselves sitting in the grass on a sunny day enjoying a nice juicy peach

A Fall Inspired Treat For Your Face

Enzymes have two main uses when it comes to skincare - exfoliation and anti-inflammation.  This is a gentler way to exfoliate your skin rather than your traditional scrub or microdermabrasion treatments, especially if they’re too harsh.  Fruit enzymes are the perfect alternative, and are so easy to find right in your fridge.

A Smoothie Your Body Will (Instantly) Thank You For

So we’ve talked about the importance of exfoliating your skin (and trust me there will be plenty more conversations about that to come), but what we haven’t talked about yet is how to deeply nourish the skin.  One of my favorite ways is with a body smoothie.  Yes, I said body smoothie. And yes, it is like the smoothie you’re drinking for lunch right now.

Get Your Glow On

We’re about to jump full speed into the holiday season, and with all the events coming up it’s important that our skin is glowing in all of those holiday dresses (and photos!).  One of our favorite secrets for beautiful soft skin comes out of India.

An Anti-Aging Secret Straight From China

We all know the benefits of green tea, but did you know that white tea is the go-to anti-aging ingredient in China. White tea comes from the silver tip of the green tea plant, and is one of the strongest antioxidants in the world. The leaves go through very minimal processing while being manufactured so they maintain a very high concentration of antioxidants. 

A South African Recipe Your Hair Will Thank You For

Sometimes the inevitable happens and suddenly you realize your hair is looking a little dull, and you feel like you can practically hear your ends splitting. We discovered a mask from South Africa that will give your locks a super moisture boost leaving you with shiny, bouncy hair again!  And yes, it will even help tame those cringe worthy split ends.

A Thai Treat For Glowing Skin

Winter is just around the corner, and it's the perfect time to get a jump start on making sure your skin is ready.  As the temperature drops and the heat turns on your skin starts to dry out.  Exfoliating and moisturizing are essential to making sure you keep your glow all year long.  

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