With summer right around the corner a DIY hair mask is a necessity! Those sun damaged ends will thank you later with lots of length and love. If any of you are like me, then there are definitely times when you feel your hair needs a little something, something but you may not have time to spend in the salon for a deep conditioning treatment. I've tried quite a few at home hair remedies; olive oil, eggs, plain coconut oil, at home hair masks, you name it I've probably tried it. The best homemade hair mask I have discovered is coconut oil and avocado. Not only does it leave your hair feeling and looking amazing, it's also natural, inexpensive and easy to make. Oh YES!

All you need is coconut oil and half an avocado. The only coconut oil you want to use is one that is extra virgin, not hydrogenated, bleached, refined or deodorized. Organic is even better, it ensures 100% non-GMO, Trader Joe's Coconut Oil is a great one. Using an organic avocado isn’t a bad choice either, as it hasn't been blasted with chemicals. To prepare the mask put a tablespoon full or two of coconut oil into a microwave safe container and melt the coconut oil completely. While the coconut oil is melting mash up half of an avocado to add to the bowl. Word to the wise, the avocado really needs to be mashed up unless you want to your floor to become a complete mess when applying the mask. Learn from my mistake, the extra 5 minutes it would take to fully mash the avocado is worth it! I also found it easier to mash the avocado before mixing it with the coconut oil. You want the mask to look like a smooth paste. Once you have your mask all made, evenly distribute it through your hair and wrap your hair up. You are on your way to happy hair! Feel free to get on with some daily duties for the next 30 min to an hour, or however much time you can spare.


The Benefits of Coconut Oil and Avocado on your hair


Coconut oil has a lot of beneficial properties on your hair, not to mention it is also great for your digestion, skin, teeth...you name it coconut oil will probably help it. Let's start with how coconut oil helps your scalp, not only is it moisturizing, it has antibacterial and antifungal properties which help with dandruff and bacteria removal from the scalp and hair. Fatty acids are also found in coconut oil. Fatty acids bind to the protein in hair reducing protein loss and protect both the roots and hair strands from breakage. Lauric acid found in coconut oil has been proven to show better results on the hair than sunflower or mineral oils. Coconut oil also has a lot of essential nutrients for the hair, it is rich in vitamin E, vitamin K and iron. Coconut oil is very moisturizing for the hair, it is able to penetrate the hair shaft better protecting the hair against environmental impurities and excess heat. The best results with coconut oil are achieved when coconut oil is used as a prewash treatment (meaning you put the oil on your hair before hair is wet/washed). Coconut oil is hydrophobic so it repels water. When used as a prewash the coconut oil inhibits the penetration of water into each hair strand, too much water penetration can cause the hair shaft to rise making it prone to damage. The hydrophobic properties also help tame frizzy hair in humid weather.


Avocado contains many proteins and vitamins that help keep you hair healthy and shiny. It contains vitamins A, D, E and B6 as well as magnesium, folic acid, amino acids, copper and iron. Both Avocado and coconut help promote healthy, happy growing hair.


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