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Gold Radiance Luxury Facial Mask went viral online!


We're so excited to bring you the latest product from Passport To Beauty. It is the Gold Radiance Facial Mask that we know you’re going to love!

Koreans got the sheet mask that are all the rage right now. We’ve seen them on just about every celebrity. Ours has got named as “Top Ten” in Hollywood Life. Celebrities and customers are doing all kind of selfies wearing the Gold Radiance Mask on social media which is so much fun! We can’t wait to tell you why you’re gonna love this! It’s chock full of an amazing ingredients and it’s not your typical sheet mask!

It’s formulated with 22K Colloidal Gold which is super healing for the skin. We infused the serum with the Rosa Damascena Flower Oil which comes from the rose petals. Of coarse, we had to put that skin plumping collagen in there to diminish fine lines and give you the radiant glow in no time!

There’s the number of ways to use this mask. You can use it as a luxury facial by putting it on your skin for 20 minutes. We always say that you need to think happy thoughts and enjoy that time for yourself! If you wake up puffy in the morning or a little hungover that’s a great mask to put in your refrigerator for 20 minutes and use a cooling mask. It will instantly tighten your skin and get rid of puffiness. If you want a warming spa experience put your mask in bowl of warm water for ten minutes and then apply it on your skin. You will feel the gold melt right in!

So the mask is super fun and super easy to use! The best part is the serum. Don’t waste it. It’s highly concentrated and great to use on your neck, chest, hands or anywhere you would need that extra boost. If you love to be pampered as much as we do, then grab one of Gold Radiance Masks while they last.

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