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Different Kind of Eyeliners - How To Apply

Applying eyeshadow is really as easy as 1 2 3.

PENCILS are one of the easiest ways to apply eyeliner. Opt for pencils that are soft and high in pigment. Pencils can be used for a natural and dramatic look. For a more natural look, you can smudge the pencil with a brush or Q-tip. Kajal pencils can also be applied to the waterline of the eye creating a more dramatic smokey eye.

LIQUID LINERS give you a more defined line. They can be more difficult to apply depending on the type of brush it comes with. The flimsier the brush, the more steady of a hand you need while applying. Use this tip to get the most precise application. Apply dots across the lash line, then connect the dots. It’s much easier than having to draw a consistent line.

GEL LINERS liners are similar to liquid liners but are used with a separate brush and in my opinion are easier to apply. The gels come in a variety of colors and give you a more opaque defined line. They work best applied to the top lash line only and are usually waterproof. Gel liners can dry out quickly if not covered properly or stored in a cool dry place.

PEN or MARKER LINERS are great in providing a precise application. If you want to create a cat eye or wing liner look, this is the best type and easiest type of liner to apply. Marker liners can dry out quickly so make sure to keep them covered when not in use.

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