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How To Apply Blush Based On Your Face Shape

I like to use blush and bronzer to shape the face and create dimensions. As I showed you on the video, I usually use the same technique of using bronzer as a contour color and then popping a bright pink or peach on the apple of the cheek. However, that doesn’t always work for everyone. Here are some tips to applying blush based on your face shape.

OVAL faces are the most common and the most even of the face shape. This shape will allow you to apply your blush in many ways. I recommend applying on the apple of the cheeks or along the cheekbone starting two fingers away from the nose and brushing upwards towards the ear.

If you have a ROUND face shape, you want

to lift the cheekbone. Apply blush along the cheekbone sweeping the blush upwards to the hairline. This will create a lift. You can add a shimmer to the top of the cheekbone to create more lift and a highlighting effect. Avoid applying blush directly on the apples of the cheeks.

SQUARE shaped faces need to be softened by applying blush below the cheekbone. This softens the angle of the face. Apply blush two fingers away from the nose and sweep towards ear. This application works best if you suck in your cheeks when applying blush.

If you have a HEART shaped face you will want to apply blush starting on the on the apples and brushing downwards towards the ear. You can achieve this with bronzer on the sweep to ear and a pop of color on the apples of the cheeks. This will help create more angles to your face.

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