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Exciting News: Introducing Our Passport Beauty Box

Hello, gorgeous! With summer just around the corner and swimsuit season about to start, we all want to look (and feel) our very best - both inside and outside.

As you know, I love to travel and uncover new beauty solutions from all around the globe. My absolute favorite part about traveling is getting to experience a new culture firsthand, then sharing my discoveries with each of you!

That’s why I’m so excited about our brand new Passport Beauty Box. Delivered right to your

doorstep every eight weeks, the Passport Beauty Box is a delightful box experience filled with

items that I’ve personally selected or created just for you.

Each Passport Beauty Box is themed around a particular destination, with its content indigenous to that region. Our first Passport Beauty Box is all about Spain and includes my handpicked collection of exclusive products, cosmetics, accessories, and more. Each box will introduce you to authentic and exotic beauty regimes from around the world with tips, tricks, and secrets (shhh!) that’ll get you looking and feeling like the goddess that you are.

I can’t wait to be your personal beauty guide and bring the glamour right to your doorstep. Start packing those bags and make sure your passport is ready!

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