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The Parisian Red Lip - Secrets To Choosing The Perfect Color

Hey guys! Hello from beautiful Paris, France!

I just returned from my trip hunting for some Parisian beauty secrets that we can incorporate into our beauty routines... because we all know how gorgeous and sexy these women are. Parisian chic to say the least! In talking to so many of the women there, they all told me the secret to looking bold and confident starts with a sexy red lip. No matter where you go, you'll see these beauties flashing a stunning smile with a classic red lip. But finding the perfect red can be daunting to say the least. And when you hit any of the beauty stores or pharmacies in the city you won't even know where to start when it comes to the hundreds of choices of reds to choose from. From my years of working as a celebrity makeup artist and formulating products in the lab, use the following tips to finding which reds work best with your skin tone:

1. Look at the veins on your arm

2. If your veins look more green, opt for reds with a warmer (more orange) undertone.

3. If your veins look more blue, opt for reds that have a cooler (more blue) undertone.

These are going to look more natural on you. If you want to make a more dramatic statement, then flip it and wear the opposite undertoned color.

I found these great reds while shopping around Paris.

Blue undertones- L'Oreal Paris #335 in Carmin St Germain

Orange Undertones- Deborah/Rouge Baiser in # 207 (this brand is made in Italy so the product is amazing as far as quality and texture)

And of course I talk about the kits of black liquid liner and red lipstick you can find.

I loved the Rouge Baiser in #406 as the perfect universal red and black combo.

And if you were veins tend to go more blue undertoned. So I chose the Rouge Baiser in #207 for a more dramatic Lip in the pic below :)

Check out my video for the whole scoop and let me know if you have any question!

And as always... I'll see you beauties at the next destination! Travel deets: Air travel - Accommodations- the cutest apartment in the 13th I found on

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