Consistency For The Win

May 2, 2018

Happy May Day 🌸 Another new start to creating another great month 👌🏼 It’s up to us, right? 🤓


I’ve been reading The Compund Effect by Darren Hardy which is a GREAT read for all you go getters out there.  It breaks success down into the most simplest of daily actions. I don’t know about you, but the older I get, the simpler I like to make my life. 


You see, it’s not the big moves we make that make the have the biggest impact on our success. It’s little things done consistently everyday that add up to great things that lead you to reaching your goals in the most amazing way. It may take longer, but the rewards are impactful in every way. 

Think about it. If you committed to reading a new book or some info for 30 minutes everyday on a subject you wanted to learn, or/and committed to cutting an extra 125 calories a day from your diet etc etc... think of where you would be and how much goodness you would gain from those little steps adding up a year from now, two years from now, three years from now!!!

And living with that much intention keeps you on course. Think of the times you have unconsciously (or lazily) agreed to something that clearly didn’t serve you. How badly did that derail you off course and effect your life in a shitty way 😳😱🙄 Man... I have been so guilty of this 🙈 quite a few times. I look back and can pinpoint the exact times I went against my gut or made a life altering decision because I was in a rush or flat out hadn’t given myself the respect to take my time and really think it through. 


Regret sucks but learning from those mistakes is great if you can look at them as a teacher 👍🏼 Think about adding the Compound Effect into your daily life and I guarantee those very easy to make bad decisions will start to fall away and the good and right decisions will become the priority 👍🏼🙌🏼👍🏼 


Discipline and Consistency really do go hand in hand. Get inspired to make May the start of consistency and starting to implement the Compund Effect. I’m rooting for you! 




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