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May 11, 2018





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Hello Hello from the beautiful Cannes 👋🏼


It’s been a year of non stop travel for me and one question I often get asked is how I'm able to work hard and play hard while dealing with the effects of jet lag. I've pretty much felt like I've been a state of jet lag for the entire last month coming off my last few back to back trips to London to speak at the British Parliament and then straight to New York and a week later here we are in France.


But the good news is, I have some great tips and tricks that make the transition to a new time zone a lot easier.  And I'd love to hear some of yours as well.




1) Water Water and More Water!


And even more water! I can't stress how water is one of the cheapest (it's free!) and easiest beauty secrets to looking and feeling your best. Before I get on a plane, I start drinking fresh spring or mineral water and make sure to keep drinking (actually sipping) water through my entire flight. It keeps my body hydrated and happy and banishes that travel bloat... no thanks.  Once I arrive at the destination I make sure to splash my face 15-20 times with cold water to regulate my skins natural functions, give it some instant moisture and zap away any puffiness that's lingering.  



2) Sleep - Get On The Time Zone Before You Leave 


This is a big one for me and one that I wished I had learned earlier on in my travels.  I try and book my international flights to arrive in the morning so I can fly overnight and make myself sleep on the plane.  Two secrets to getting my body relaxed for a deep sleep as well as getting on a new time zone? Magnesium and Melatonin.  Both natural supplements that will have you in dreamland in no time! 




3) Find Your Go-To Mid Day Pep


One of the things I love most about my job is being able to work anywhere in the world.  And because of my life is all about discovery, I get super excited when I find products that have the same vibe... taking the best of the world and celebrating it. 


Usually morning and mid-day is when I feel jet lag the most.  So I'm always looking for a nice energy kick to get me through the day.  Especially in Europe when dinner doesn't even start until 9 or 10pm! Coffee is my go to fave for my morning ritual and afternoon meetings and work sessions. 





I was super thrilled when 1850™ Brand Coffee sent me some of their new coffees to try. It's made from fire-roasted and steel-cut beans (the best kind), and the flavors are awesome.  I found them to be uniquely bold and smooth and when I was speaking to them about what the inspiration was behind it, they told me the taste of 1850 was inspired by the year the Folger’s® Coffee Company began, and embodies the hustle and grind of today’s pioneers. Love it.... and sounds about right :). 


1850 comes in four flavors but I personally LOVE the Lantern Glow™ Light Roast in the morning. It has these exotic notes of lemongrass and Jasmin tea with sweet, lemony undertones. Being that I'm all about global infusions, you know I got excited about this one.




And because I like to think of myself as a Trailblazer.... of course I had to try the Trailblazer Medium-Dark Roast, with strong roasted nut flavors and chocolate undertones.  I mean... this totally hits the spot for something sweet and decadent in the afternoon without all the calories. You can get more info on these coffees at





5) Keep A Few Beauty Essentials In Your Carry On 


There are a few products that are just an absolute must when you're trying to look your best between time zones. 


Sheet Masks are available pretty much everywhere now and a great must have to adding even more moisture to your skin to plump up any dehydrated lines and combat dull looking skin. 


Blue Eyeliner is a secret I used to use as a celebrity makeup artist on my clients who were jetlagged or hungover :)! Placing a bright blue liner on your water line will create an optical illusion and make the whites of your eyes look even brighter.  Call it instant sleep!


Bronzing Elixir or A Highlighter Creme - this is one of my all-time must haves.  You want your skin to glow so you look well rested and healthy.  Placing a white or bronze highlighting lotion down the bridge of your nose, upper cheeks and brow bones will give you an instant touch of sun and a natural glow.




So between your water, vitamins, yummy 1850 Coffee, and some go to beauty essentials, you'll be kissing your jetlag bye-bye while looking and feeling great on the go. 


And as always, I would love to hear any tips and tricks you may have as well!


See you at the next destination!













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