Make Your Morning Ritual A Bold Move

May 30, 2018

*This post has been sponsored by The J.M. Smucker Company. I received product and compensation, but all opinions are my own :)


Hi Beauties!


I am back home from a few weeks in Cannes and London and as my mom always used to say... East or West, home is best!


So true! And more than anything I am happy to be back to my morning ritual.


It's been well noted that most successful people wake up early and set aside time for themselves in the morning to create a good self-care ritual. 


Whether it's exercising, reading good books or articles, writing down goals, meditating, etc. that time spent with yourself is gold.


When I travel, I am an absolute geek when it comes to trying different coffees, lattes and cappuccinos around the world.  And when I'm home, I'm lucky enough to have a husband that brings me a cup every morning.





A lot of you ask what my morning ritual is. 


For me, it's all about mindset and starting the day with a gratitude list and then taking some time to write and revisit my goals. I do this in bed with a cup of coffee and I use this time to be quiet, reflect, visualize and just enjoy some zen time knowing that as soon as I get up, my day turns into crazy town!



One of the brands I have been loving working with is 1850™ Brand Coffee.


Remember when I was in Cannes, and they sent me their new flavors? I just got home to a box full of more coffee yumminess made with fire-roasted and steel-cut beans (I’m a coffee geek)… in travel sizes (yay), a new drip kettle (never made pour over coffee. before...have you? (It’s all the rage and apparently makes your coffee taste sooo good - more to come on this) and their Adventure Guide. 


One of the questions in the Guide is “What’s Your Next Bold Move”? I love this. 







Being someone that loves to visualize, the word Bold immediately makes me start thinking Big!  I’m using that as inspiration for myself and as a great reminder for all of us that:   


1) Bold moves are good moves. 

2) Take the time to write down goals every morning.

3) Aim high and not limit yourself.



Sometimes we forget that sky's the limit and that we can give ourselves permission to think as big and bold as we want to.


I love that 1850 is inspired by the year the Folger Coffee Company began and completely celebrates the hustle and grind of today’s pioneers.... It's become a great part of my morning routine. Why? Because for me, I believe it's all what you surround yourself with.  It’s cool to find products and brands that support the entrepreneur in you and push you to be your best self. 


How do you spend your mornings?


Drop me a line and let me know! And head over to to learn about all their great products.  I personally LOVE the Lantern Glow...jasmine and lemongrass under notes. It's so yum!


Cheers to a very good morning ritual!





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