The Makeup Trick For Brighter Eyes And Instant Sleep

June 5, 2018



Hi Beauties-


One of the questions I often get is how do I manage to look so well rested given my nonstop travel schedule. 



Back in the days when I was working as a celebrity makeup artist on shows like The Tonight Show, Dancing With The Stars and CBS to name a few, I had to have an arsenal of tricks for the hangovers, allergies and colds and jet lagged talent that would sit in my chair.


Not only did we have certain tricks and tips but we also had certain go to brands that we would use.


Those secrets are ones I still use today.  On myself, and on my clients.  And it's one I share on many of my TV segments like one I just shot for The Doctors on Jet Lag Sexy.



It's all about Blue Eyeliner and learning to play with shades of blues on the eyes to create the illusion of brighter whites of the eye.  



If you suffer from allergies, lack of sleep, the cold or flu, and jetlag, blue eyeliner will become your best friend.


And not just any blue.  You want to find shades of blue that are rich and deep with enough of a pop of color that you get that instant brightness.


If you go too light, it can look dated.


I personally have a few of my favorites.  But since we are reminiscing about my days as a celebrity makeup artist, let me show you my favorites I use on myself as well as my clients.


 The Sormé Brand is a professional makeup artist brand that us industry professionals have been using for years.


The products are high performing, high pigment and long wearing.  Aaaaaand being that it's a professional makeup artist brand, there are a ton of shade varieties to choose from. 


First, I absolutely love and always travel with a chubby pencil that I can easily double for an eyeshadow if  I am going from day to night in a flash.


I like the Sormé HD Chubby Eye Pencil in Cat Walk.  It's a nice bright blue that is easy to use as a liner and a rich gorgeous shadow.


For the traditional liner, I like their smear proof eye pencil in Navy Blue.  This color is rich enough to almost pass for black but with a pop of blue that's perfect for a more dramatic eye.


The trick to applying the Blue and getting the look of 8 hours of instant sleep is by applying it in your waterline on the lower lash line.  That's the easiest way and the one I always use to instantly brighten the whites of an eye.


If you want to take it one step further, you can add some blue eyeshadow to the lower corner lash line as a liner (more subdued) or on the corner of the crease.


The colors I love the most for this are the Mineral Botanicals Shadow in Contract 635 and Attitude 642.


If you're looking for a way to update your makeup routine, with a pro tip on how to look fresh faced and bright eyed... make sure to invest in a good blue liner to start and then add in some blue shadows.




You can find more on Sormé Cosmetics at


And don't hesitate to reach out to me with any questions!



See you at the next destination!




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