With her ambition and fearless attitude Terri will teach you the Secrets To Success Simplified. After series of traumatic events propelled her to her calling to demystify fear and bring calm to the chaos that big careers and exciting lives can create.


There is a sweet spot where real success and a balanced, meaningful life meet. If you aren’t enjoying life, then you aren’t there yet. She can help you when you are ready to stop struggling and start living with ease and grace, you have come to the right place.


Your Name: Terri Cole                                    


Your Title: Psychotherapist/Strategist/Coach

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Curious Inspired Determined


What is one ritual you have to do everyday? Whether it be your makeup, when you wakeup, or a daily practice?

My daily morning meditation practice. It grounds me and gives me a sense of ease and expansion throughout the day.


What’s in your makeup bag?

Eye lash curler/ Better Than Sex Mascara by Two Faced/ Kiehl’s Super Fluid Defense SPF 50/ Inglot Rouge A Levres Red lipstick


After a long day or week what helps you balance your life?

Spending time with the love of my life, my husband, Victor.


What are your 3 must haves when you travel?

Mala beads (for meditating), lavender oil, big black cashmere scarf that doubles as a blanket or can be belted to become an outfit!

Heels or Flats?



If you could have any one thing in life what would it be and why?

To inspire as many people as possible to recognize that they have the power to determine their destiny.


What has been the hardest part of your journey? And what helped you get through?

Busting through paralyzing fear that came as a result of a series of traumatic events. I got serious about the kind of life I wanted to live, I worked with a therapist, meditated daily and one day at a time I worked my way towards freedom and away from fear.


How do you keep it all together during the busy times?

When I think I don’t have enough time I sit my butt down, close my eyes and connect to my breath.  In the words of my spiritual crush and mentor Deepak Chopra “You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes everyday – unless you’re too busy; then you should sit for an hour.”


During your free time, what activity do you enjoy doing the most?

Spending time with my incredible girl friend


Beach or Mountains?



Who has been your mentor/ who have you looked up to, to help you reach your goals?

Debbie Phillips, the founder of Women On Fire, became my cheerleader, strategist, supporter, sister and mentor. Throughout my career she has generously shared her wisdom and knowledge without expecting anything in return


When do you feel the most beautiful?

When I am happy


What is the most important piece of advice you would offer to someone starting their own business?

You’re going to make mistakes. It’s all about progress not perfection. Learn as you go and just keep going!


What does it mean to you to support other women?

Women thrive through connection. We can’t do this alone and no one needs to, so we can all stop trying. Find your power posse and support them in the way you want to be supported. When one woman succeeds we are all uplifted. Support your sisters


What is the next step in your journey?

My first solo book!

We are so excited to announce our collaboration with Terri Cole!

On February 21st you will get the chance to learn these amazing life tips from the expert herself:


The Secrets to Success Simplified

How to Get it All Done (without Undoing Yourself in the Process!)
Has your life become one big To Do list? Would you like to get it all done with more ease, grace and joy? Then join us to learn how to take a Fearless Inventory, rock real mind/body daily self-care and cure the Disease to Please by learning to draw better boundaries in all areas of your life! Plus you’ll experience the Power of Your Presence: why it matters and how it can change EVERYTHING.


Why you’re going to love her!

Terri is not only a licensed psychotherapist, transformation coach, and an expert at turning Fear into Freedom. For almost two decades she has also empowered celebrities, professional athletes and individuals alike through television, radio, her popular TEDx talk (“What if Fear Were Just a Feeling?”), workshops, and a thriving private practice to redesign limiting mental blueprints to create extraordinary lives. Terri’s strategies combine practical psychology, Eastern mindfulness practices, and harnessing the power of intention, to create sustainable change. Terri’s wicked “tell it like it is” sense of humor and razor sharp insight combined with deep empathy and understanding, gives her a unique ability to reach people and inspire transformation. On the hush, hush she also calls Ariana Grande one of her many celeb clients. Learn more and get free loot. Go to www.terricole.com. Connect with her on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.


POWER UP and get ready to KICK SOME BUTT in 2015!


Sabrina Heartsong

Sabrina Heartsong is a renowned empath and sought after intuitive therapist, teacher and speaker with an extraordinary gift for facilitating Self Awareness and healing. She has been applying her gifts and guiding clients to fully realizing themselves as powerful, infinite beings for the past decade both privately and in workshops and retreats all over the world.

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