With Thanks To Our Amazing Partners!

Tis the Season of giving thanks to all those that supported you this past year.  Launching Power Beauty Living was truly a passion of mine and something I felt needed to be a destination for women so that they could get mentorship in business, feel and look beautiful all while living a more balanced, blissful life.

A huge Thank You to following brands and companies that helped make our first event and launch so successful.  I have links to all of their sites so you can see for yourself why we love them so much and why we think they're so fabulous!


Envy Medical - These Guys know flawless skin! The Founders of Silk Peel Facials, Lumixyl Skincare and Clarity MD

Zendy Beauty - Amazing destination for all things beauty - facials, botox, fillers... you name it! And you name the price!

Cinema Secrets - One of my favorite Professional Hollywood Makeup Lines

Veronica Pranzo Events - Talented, Committed and Amazing.  We would use her for everything if we could!

Twenty Grand Vodka - Loved the gorgeous signature cocktails they created for us.  Beautiful!

Handcraft Artisan Collection Wines - Only the best with love from Napa

Carondelet House - When you see this venue, you will know why we wanted to launch there.  Absolutely gorgeous!

Jenny Stein Photography - Take a look at her photos and you'll know why we love her

Pure Petals Flowers - Stunning stunning stunning flowers

One Great Chef - They took pink and orange to a whole new level with their desserts

Richard Blade - What more is there to say about this iconic 80's DJ and Voice of Sirius XM First Wave. Love!

Alanna And These Fine Gentlemen - This gorgeous women takes jazz to a whole new level.  Sexy, Sultry and Amazing!

Red Carpet Cookies - The feedback on these beautiful cookies was more, more, more!

Erbaviva Skincare - We're a huge fan of this brand and were thrilled to get their products!

Jouer Cosmetics - We absolutely LOVE this brand and everything it stands for

Beauty Collection - One of our favorite beauty shops!

Dot N Feather Ideation - Amazing videos you'll be watching soon

Body and Brain Yoga - Life changing!


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