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Maracuja oil Tip and Trick

Alright ladies, let’s talk oil! (And no, I don’t mean olive oil.) One of my favorite things to do with my skincare routine is mix a couple drops of Maracuja oil in with my moisturizer. So many people seem to be afraid of using oils on their skin but there are so many benefits! (Even for my oily skin girls! Quick tip…oil fights oil!)

The oil we’re going to focus on today is Maracuja oil. One benefit of course is that it is hydrating. However, any oil you use in your skincare routine will most likely be hydrating. But there are so many other benefits to using this amazing product.

Maracuja oil comes from either a Passionflower plant or from the seeds of the passion fruit, depending on where the specific oil comes from. While being hydrating, it’s also extremely lightweight. It sinks into the skin quickly so you can even apply it right before you do your makeup!

This oil has plenty of antioxidants so it helps protect your skin from free radicals, and it also helps reduce inflammation! Along with those awesome benefits, it also helps to treat sun-damaged skin. You may be loving your new tan, but over time those harsh rays can also cause sunspots, wrinkles and even blemishes. Because this oil is brightening too, it helps reduce the look of these issues.

Give this oil a try! You only need a couple drops and it does wonders for your skin! If you’ve tried it already, tell me your thoughts in the comments! And if you haven’t yet, what are you waiting for?!

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