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A Smoothie Your Body Will (Instantly) Thank You For

So we’ve talked about the importance of exfoliating your skin (and trust me there will be plenty more conversations about that to come), but what we haven’t talked about yet is how to deeply nourish the skin. One of my favorite ways is with a body smoothie. Yes, I said body smoothie. And yes, it is like the smoothie you’re drinking for lunch right now.

The temperature might be dropping, but you can still transport your sense to the beaches of Mexico with this recipe used by the women of Careyes.

You can wear this fruity concoction over your entire body like a mask for 15 minutes to relieve any dry skin. You’ll notice soft, hydrated, glowing skin instantly!

Ok! Grab your blender and follow this simple recipe:

  • 2 cups of plain yogurt

  • 1/2 an avocado

  • 5 to 7 strawberries

  • 2 tablespoons of honey

  • 1 banana

Blend and apply all over your body using an upward motion. Sit for 15 minutes, sip on your leftover smoothie, and rinse!

Follow up with your favorite body creme and you'll be so silky smooth you won't even recognize your own skin! There’s a reason the women of Careyes love this mask… it really works!

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